Hello Singers and Musicmakers

The days when we can walk into a lovely music shop and buy what we want still exist but it is getting hard to find shops with good sheet music close by or close enough to be able to find what you wish for quickly and easily.

There are now so many different genres of sheet music including pop, rock, classical, church music, gospel music, folk music, baroque music, ancient music, choir music and much more.

I have included here a site which you might find interesting. Called “sheetmusicplus”  – you can purchase and download the music and save it for your own personal use in pdf as well as getting it in different transposed keys as well which is helpful…you can also buy the music and get it delivered to wherever you live.

Here is the link try it and see if you like ir or not!! Let ne know…drop me an email.


See if you like it and let me know…

Happy music making and singing

John Norton