John has music and singing in his DNA, coming from a musical family where many different instruments were played. .  As a performer he has tip top experience and has sung professionally, recorded and performed in South Africa, UK and Europe. 
He shares his knowledge and passion for the vocal arts and manages to mix the creativity of arts with the practicality of using your voice successfully in your life and work. In both instances he understands what is needed from performance whether it is on the stage or at work. His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge is diverse and expert having not only performed but also undertook professional training in dance and piano.  

Public Speaking or Presenting - become aware of the impact of your voice and your communication?  Your voice is the key to your success,let me show you how to turn it into a persuasive tool..



The secret to singing lies not just in the voice itself but in the breath and in posture.  Having the right vocal coach is essential to prevent long-term damage.


Thank you for yet another wonderful singing session. I really love working with you. It is such a pleasure for me to sing and gives me such pleasure
Peter M, 2023

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