Very few people realise the impact that voice has on work and business success.

In your professional life, it is highly likely that you will encounter at least one or more of the following scenarios?

  • Speaking in public
  • Pitching your products or services
  • Addressing colleagues, clients or employees
  • Using the telephone to get a key appointment
  • Delivering training to a group
  • Presenting to peers or management

Presentation isn't just the way you dress or look but your voice can convey your confidence, or lack of it and the way we speak in the language we use, pitch and tone can give us away in untold ways. If you ever feel that your presentation was excellent in content but that your delivery failed you - knowing your subject is not enough, being able to communicate and influence can be the key ingredient between success and failure.

If you think you could be doing better ... contact me for a discovery conversation to assess what you need.

How it Works

After an assessment of your voice and your desired success we will develop a strategy focused on developing your ability to communicate more effectively through the use of breath and body to produce the necessary sound.

Every individual is unique and as such the program is tailored to reflect this. My Personal Voice Mastery training system is focused on developing your ability to communicate more efficiently by utilising your voice and body to its fullest potential. Every individual is unique, therefore my training is individual and unique to each client. One program does not fit all. Therefore every client is offered diagnostic session that establishes the areas for voice and communication skill development.

Whatever your current skill level, I will add greater impact to the message you deliver. Many people take their voices for granted and underestimate the impact and power it has. It makes sense in the current work and business environment to give yourself the best opportunities to succeed and as such taking the time to  developing your voice will provide you with an attribute that could benefit you in assured communication and vocal confidence.

What you can achieve with vocal training

  • understanding how breath contributes to your voice
  • improving your posture to free your voice
  • awareness of your non-verbal communication and how that impacts your communication
  • greater control and confidence
  • easy to manage tricks and tips to use

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