The Singing Voice

Each voice is unique and entirely different to another persons voice, so although we have the same basic anatomy the unique magic of your voice sets you apart.

To understand what you can do with your voice means exercising it like you would exercise when you swim, run, walk or play sport, yoga, pilates or any other form of physical exercise.

I start with each voice and work through the following areas to help you better understand and develop your voice.:

  • Breathing – how you breathe and understanding whether you breathe shallow, deep or quickly.
    Posture – To allow the body to move air and sound freely without any imbalances in the skeletal structure of your body.
  • Pitch, Tone and Volume – The magical ability of your mouth, throat, vocal folds, soft palate, breath, tongue and  body spacial structures to produce your own unique sound.
  • Pronounciation – Each person and the language they speak articulates sounds differently so helping you to improve your speaking sound  and improve how you sing words in different languages is something I work on.
  • Vocal Insights – How to relax your sound, relax your jaw and open your throat to ensure a free and clear flow of air.
  • Humming and Yawning – How to use these two tools to loosen and relax your voice.
  • Visual Imagery – Helping the individual align their body to ensure that the body and sound flow easily and freely.
  • Techniques – mouth relaxation, neck alignment, developing breath support, visual cues, use of intercostal muscles and much more.
  • Music – full musical development from basic sounds to full song development, learning, interpretation, language use, correct use of words and music and full musical interpretation.
  • Voice Health – supportive help to ensure a healthy and fresh voice and your long term vocal longevity. Staying away from certain foods and environmental challenges.

As I value the need for student and teacher to have a good understanding I welcome your contact where we can discuss your needs and how we can work together.


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