For those who don’t know me  I was raised and brought up on classical music and over time sang classical music professionally but like all singers you listen hear and see a wide variety of singers and musicians performing pop, rock, blues, Cuban music, African rhythms, jazz, country and much more, the key here is that there are those singers who simply break through our hearts and souls and connect deeply with us.

I listed two examples of great music that really makes one feel the real emotions of the music. One was from the successful television show “ Nashville” and the other was a song from an opera, by the English composer Henry Purcell. Both songs have huge powerful emotions but ultimately the singers involved are the real stars because they convert notes to tear jerking. emotions.

But how do they do that…?

A singer brings all their experience, emotion, technique, personality and frankly their pain, love, hurt, fun, joy and everything in between to ensure you the listener hear and feel the real emotions. This takes time, training,huge effort, discipline, sweat, tears and real talent. As my teacher always said –  singing and performing is  a delicate balance between having control and losing control entirely in the performance!

We all have emotions inside of us and we all have the ability to express these everyday however expressing an emotion to a person, child, parent or colleague is one thing, doing this live and in front of a paying audience is quite another.

We all have a unique sounding voice and no two voices are the same so the beauty of hearing and listening to different voices is that we can all project a completely fresh emotion that is ours and only ours.

The power of emotions that are spoken or sung has been happening for thousands of years but science still cannot explain it nor measure it sufficiently well. But as humans living our emotions each day we know joy and sadness, anger and fear and when we then connect our emotions to our voices and singing the result is  a potent cocktail of physical power, body energy and often the communication of incredible musical sounds that elicit great responses from us the listener  or audience present.


Katie Melua