Learning to understand and “ sense”your voice is a leap of faith but also a belief in yourself and your capabilities. Improving  your voice  when you  speak, present or sing means using your physical body to both improve and sustain more sound than you are used to. It is understanding how you breathe and how to use your breath efficiently.Often, what you hear in your voice sounds completely different when it is projected,  principally, because the sound we produce that is projected out of our mouths once it reaches the final destination has changed “shape” as sound waves ending up sounding different.

Our voices are not only a strong indicator of who we are as people, but they are also what I call a “ disruptor” which means we use sound  to communicate and as such the sound waves we make “ disrupt” the space and energy around us. A good example is when a colleague at work says that somebody is talking too loudly and “ disrupting” their work !

Many of us underestimate how powerful our voices really are and to provide an indication of the potential we have to breathe bear in mind that if we were to unfold our two lungs completely they would occupy a  full tennis court ! Additionally, we take about 20000 breaths per day, everyday.

With this in mind, our body is optimally placed to support our voice and help us dynamically and rapidly improve how we sound and the energy we need to speak better, present more energetically and ultimately if we wish to,  start developing our singing voice which could be a magical and inspiring discovery…