Are you unhappy how you sound?… feel you wish to speak better or perform better in front of your audience or clients when speaking?…or you have felt for some time you need to get better at how you deliver your message vocally? Here are some tips to use today.

1. Alway start your day with quiet humming and slow steady sounds based on the 5 key building blocks of A E I O U….

2. Your voice is a muscle like your biceps, triceps, calf muscles, neck muscles. Exercising it not just through speaking but with some regular exercise helps dramatically to improve your sound and effectiveness when speaking or singing…!

3.Much of what we eat and drink everyday is used by our body to feed our voice muscles. So consuming vast quantities of alcohol or food will affect your voice. Likewise polluted air, smoke, air-conditioning, industrially made milk and dairy products of any kind.. i.e yoghurt, milk, cheese, cheese spreads and others will literally clog up your voice instantly. Tea, coffee and alcohol are proven to dry out your voice so water is your best bet!

4.Your vocal chords that allow you to speak are about 5 mm in length that is about the size of your smallest finger nail perhaps even smaller. They vibrate million times so per day so ensuring you get rest and quiet are essential to preserving and keeping your voice healthy.

5.Finally, using a small straw, once a day, put the straw in your mouth and breath in and out of it, then hum a melody through it and finally blow a tune through it gently. This method is proven to reset and re – align your vocal chords into a natural and * resting* position for best results.

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