Every one can sing, no matter your age, that’s a phrase John Norton  mentions in his Facebook posts.I‘m not very young any more but I ‘m curious. I wanted to try for a month and see how it goes, perhaps nothing for me, I said to myself.

But John‘s fascination for singing is contagious and I felt that immediately.He is a positive person and supportive, encouraging and complimenting the efforts of his students and that is wonderful when you feel unsure because you are learning. Its something new for me personally.

As a singing coach John has a good knowledge of human nature and he really feels which style of music he could suggest to a student. He speaks different languages,is flexible and so there is a great chance to sing  music you like. I discovered my passion for Italian arias from the 17th and 18th century, but I tried other songs as well.

Before starting my singing sessions I always used to think that a voice is good or not good. I never thought that my voice could change, becoming more powerful, clear and more expressive.
But it does. And that motivates me to continue and to exercise regularly at home. John explains everything with a lot of patience, endurance and empathy, using metaphors to show how a voice is able to develop.

So I have learned a lot of techniques during this time to improve my singing and use my breathing to better effect.
For me singing has become a beautiful experience, able to forget everything around me and live in the present moment.
Christiane F.