It is always possible that we will make mistakes when we sing music. After all we are not machines. Yet the greatest gift we can give ourselves as singers is to do so with passion, love and enthusiasm. Beethoven said that making mistakes was forgivable but performing without passion was unforgivable!!

Our voices are a unique and magical part of who we are and they give us the chance everyday to communicate with those around us. 
When we sing-something truly magical happens and we start to feel all sorts of sensations we did not think were possible. Tingling sensations in our faces, mouths, bodies.

In truth it is the two chemicals coming alive inside us.
Singing releases 2 chemicals- endorphins which makes us feel pleasure and Oxytocin which reduces anxiety and stress. That's why we love to sing.

Enjoy your singing, keep your voices strong, healthy, resilient and flexible but most importantly do it with passion and real enthusiasm.

Happy singing!! John Norton