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Taking care of your voice…..

  • We all lead hectic lives using our voices every day, for work, pleasure, at home and while away on holiday..What we forget is that our voices, like any other muscle in our body needs care, exercise and help when it falters or fails us…by this I mean when we contract  colds, flu, hoarseness, loss of voice, sickness, emotionally tough times or direct impact from smoking, excessive heat or cold or  foods that cause our problems or simply not drinking enough water on a  daily basis…
  • Now.. I’m no doctor or medical professional just a simple singer who uses my voice to sing and talk every day like you.. day in and day out… so here are a few things I do to keep my voice in good nick as they say!!!
  1. Rest and sleep.. without regular rest and sleep you will notice immediately how groggy and uncomfortable your voice is each day…
  2. I was and still am bad at drinking enough water each day but I try at a minimum to drink first thing in the morning, at meal times and at night …and carry water with me even if its uncomfortable or difficult..
  3. I have found and keep in contact with a good reliable Ear Nose and Throat doctor… who can quickly help me …!!
  4. Foods that I love but irritate my voice include eating too much yoghurt, milk, ice-cream, chocolate, heavy red meat dishes and acidic foods like tomatoes.
  5. My singers Rescue Package as I call it when everything goes wrong and I need to urgently get better include : fresh local honey,  it is a good antibacterial and antiviral product, water, inhaler, a small group of pure essential oils and rest.

Taking care of your voice .. whether you use it for work, to sing, to do your job or just for fun needs care and attention .. give it the care and support it needs and it will serve you well  again and again….

Wishing you all  good vocal health!!!

John Norton

[email protected]