Hello and welcome to my chats about all things singing for singers – both for  those who do it for fun or seriously. Singing is not like playing another instrument which when you are finished using it you put it into a box or in a corner of your house. Your singing voice sits inside your body day and night. What this means is that taking care of your body in a healthy way is good for your singing voice. Pouring huge amounts of unhealthy food and drink into your body will directly affect your singing voice. Why an I mentioning this – because our voice and how it affects us is directly linked to so many other areas of our life and body. A healthy voice means a healthy body.

So… when it comes to our health the fact remains that many of us are  afraid to use our singing voices or feel embarrassed about singing even in group, choir, ensemble or for fun. Why? Well the most important reason is when we sing we express some  of our deepest feelings. The majority of people are simply too afraid to express how  they truly feel. There are of course many people who love to sing for fun or professionally. Expressing how we feel is both powerful and extremely healthy for us a human beings. If we bottle up all our feelings in the end we will become ill.

So.. for those who desire to express yourself through singing perhaps it is time to ask yourself? What is holding you  back from using your singing voice? Fear? No time? Afraid to express how you truly feel? Worried how you will sound? Pressure from family? Perhaps there is another reason?

The good news is that when you collaborate with a singing coach it is one to one. Which means you sing  in a safe, secure singing zone that allows you to test, try and sing without any pressure and be able to make mistakes and learn from them. This means you grow your motivation, confidence and trust in your voice. As time goes by you become healthier, happier and your confidence and inspiration grows and develops into something lasting and beautiful. If you do not believe me ask any singer amateur or professional they will tell you exactly the same thing.

For many this is still not enough to start sing. Years and years of being told they cannot sing has left many people hurt, guilty, feeling bad, unhappy, unfulfilled or just angry. As the great Henry Ford said ” if you can you can and if you can’t you can’t.” So if after all this time you still feel you wish to develop your singing voice it is truly NEVER TOO LATE TO START SINGING no matter what age you are.

If you wish to know what can be done ask me for a Discovery Session. It is a 40 minute session to listen to you and advise you what is your best course of action now!! You can call me: +352 691 727 156 or email me: [email protected] or I am on Whatsapp or via my website: www.johnjnorton.com


Wishing you happy singing wherever you are and whatever you are doing..

Warmest wishes

John Norton

Professeur de Chant & Singing Coach