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Wishing you all a  very Happy Easter and for those who do not celebrate Easter.. well.. I’m really sorry you dont because all the chocolates are just so good!! This was not the reason I am writing this post by the way!!!

I know many of you sing in a wide variety of different ensembles and groups. This is truly wonderful as there is no better way to know how you feel about singing than to go out and sing yourself.

When one sings in groups there is often a mistaken assumption that the ensemble leader will provide you the singer with a full and proper warm-up to ensure that you sing excellently. In truth this NEVER HAPPENS!!

With the above in mind please be aware depending on your age and experience when you are due to sing at any concert it is important you spend at  least 30 minutes warming up your voice. Remember to eat and be finished eating at least 2 hours before you sing otherwise the singing could feel very uncomfortable.

Finally depending on what you use to keep hydrated make sure you have sufficient liquids with you to keep your voice comfortable and lubricated throughout your singing or concert.

Wishing you all happy singing and a joyful and fun Spring…

Blessings John Nortonx