While those who sing feel opening your mouth is sufficient to sing it is slightly more complicated than that. The human vocal instrument sitting inside you is activated by breath from your lungs, vibrations of the vocal folds, resonance behind your tongue and then  a complete vocal emission. All of this requires intelligence, a strong, fit, healthy body together with awareness, energy, emotions and focus. It is a TOTAL BODY APPROACH!!

So what does this all mean? 

In simple terms it means when you sing take nothing for granted. It means that every muscle, fibre, bone, vessel, cartilage and tissue works together to produce the singing sound you make and therefore singing is a whole body physical exercise.

Singing therefore takes on a whole new dimension because it is not something you produce with your throat but a singing sound created by you using your entire body, mind,intelligence, character, spirit, emotions and energies.

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Happy Singing

John Norton – Vocal Coach, Singer


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