Inflammation of the voice box (larynx); can result from many causes:

Response to injury that results in swelling, redness, and/or pain


Body part + “-itis” means inflammation of that part

Laryngitis = larynx + itis = inflammation of the larynx

Laryngitis: General Term Meaning Inflammation of the Larynx

Laryngitis, or inflammation of the larynx, can have many causes. As such, a correct diagnosis of laryngitis should always indicate the cause. For example:

  • Viral laryngitis: Inflammation from a viral infection
  • Reflux laryngitis: Inflammation from backflow of stomach fluids (reflux) to the throat and voice box

Acute and Chronic Laryngitis

Laryngitis that is short lived is classified as acute laryngitis.

  • Laryngitis that lasts longer than two to four weeks is classified as chronic laryngitis.

Location of Inflammation Depends on Cause

The location of inflammation in the larynx usually depends on the area injured by exposure to an irritant or injuring agent.

  • For example: If the larynx is exposed to smoke, allergens, or environmental pollutants, then the laryngitis will involve the entire larynx. If laryngitis is due to backflow of stomach fluids (laryngopharyngeal reflux), then inflammation may be present only in the back side of the larynx.

Always consult a qualified ENT professional for help