Hello and welcome to my regularly chats about singing. It has been quite some time since I shared my thoughts about how to develop your singing voice fully. I started off last week sharing thoughts about supporting your singing voice. The point being that singing using your vocal folds alone is simply insufficient to be able to develop your singing voice into a powerful, attractive and resilient singing sound.

So what do we need to do? The answer to that question sounds incredibly simple but in fact is the key to how we develop vocally. We need to physically connect the rest of our body i.e. all the muscles from the chest down right down to our toes, legs, thighs, abdominal muscles, back muscles, diaphragm.

How do we do  this? If we simply use our vocal folds then sooner or later our voice starts to lack strength and easily becomes tired. This is a sure sign that we are only using our vocal folds and nothing more. Using our whole body means when we breathe through our nose we ” open” our bodies that means utilising ALL our body muscles not just the voice muscles. When we engage ALL our bodily muscles these  will  over time support our singing voices. The difference in our singing sound when we engage ALL our body muscles is immense and can be heard immediately!!

If you wish to learn and understand more specifically then feel free to contact me to undertake a Discovery Session. I can be contacted by email: [email protected] or via my website: www.johnjnorton.com or via mobile: 352 691 727 156.

Wishing you happy, healthy singing now and always..!!

Warmest wishes

John Norton

Professeur de Chant & Singing Coach

Grand Duche de Luxembourg