Many singers whether you sing for fun or otherwise are often under the impression that singing happens in your throat and nowhere else!!

When we sing after breathing in sufficient oxygen to sustain a musical phrase, we absolutely need to be aware that our voice cannot be sustained by relying on two small tiny pieces of skin that are less than 5 cm in size. These vocal folds can only vibrate. They can lengthen or shorten but that is all.

When your voice feels tired, sore, tight, fatigued, hoarse or uncomfortable it is a real, true sign from your voice that you are not supporting your singing voice correctly!!!

Our hugely powerful abdominal muscles, diaphragm muscles, vertebrae muscles, thigh muscles, buttock muscles and back muscles are used to powerfully support your singing voice no matter what you sing. If you are not using these muscles your singing voice will over time weaken, deteriorate and lose its shine, power, resilience and unique quality.

In my next post I will talk further about how you engage and use these hugely powerful muscles to sing and support your unique singing sound.

Until then!!

Happy Singing

John Norton
Professeur de Chant & Singing Coach
Grand Duche de Luxembourg

Coach award